14 Orange Crokinole Discs
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Our durable Crokinole discs are high quality and ready to slide. Each piece is carefully crafted from fine wood, contoured for enhanced action, fully finished, and waxed. Sleek and slippery, they come ready to conquer. This discs are not concave or convex, they are flat.

Note that these crokinole discs are 30-31 MM in diameter +/- 0.5 MM and are just slightly smaller than standard tournament discs. They are intended as a supplement to our standard discs that come with our tournament edition board.  Note these are slightly smaller for casual/family play but that our standard discs with the board are  32 MM +/- 0.5 MM in accordance with published worldwide tournament standards. 

These smaller discs make the game just slightly less challenging for beginning players without sacrificing game play. 


  • Set of 14 Classic Black Crokinole Discs
  •  30-31 MM in diameter +/- 0.5 MM 

Having multiple colors allows you to play more than 2 players without having to be on teams!


Why flat discs? Aren't Convex/Concave discs better?

The Canadian National Crokinole Association (the premier crokinole organization in the world) has never specified convex/concave as being better than flat, and in fact Brian Cook, the three time world Crokinole Champion, had this to say about the flat vs. convex/concave debate: See threads on BGG about this Here and Here.

llc3guys wrote:

...I sent off an email to WCC (World Crokinole Championship) and was surprisingly answered by Brian Cook. Yeah, THAT Brian Cook, - 3 time WCC winner and 2nd this year. How cool is that? He is in a rather unique position as he is a player and on the WCC Committee, as well....

Brian Cook:

...The bottom line is that the WCC Committee has never set a standard for flat vs C/C discs. We just get the best quality we can and no one up til now has requested one or the other. Personally, I've won the WCC adult singles 3 times and it's not something I ever concern myself with, i.e. whether I'm shooting with flat, convex or concave side down. I just make sure the disc is smooth in surface, especially for open 20 shots. 


***Since Brian is obviously light-years beyond any of our calibers, and is only interested in unfettered smoothness of his shots (nearly always simply shooting for the 20-hole), he is simply looking for "smooth" and not needing the finesse of a slower disc. So, for him. flat is fine.

So,..................the official discs (and boards) used at the WCC ... are NOT C/C discs. The (possibly) authority organization, and newer, is the National Crokinole Association. Is there currently a "standard" disc for all upper level competitions? NO, there is NOT! Will there be, or is it "in the works"? Who knows, and I'm too tired of it all to find out. 

As my wise ol' grandad used to say, "Just play with anything that fits in the hole".

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