Clock Accessory for Crokinole
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Crokinole is a great game and we offer a tournament sized board at a great price point, but what about the Significant Other factor? One of the biggest reasons we hear for people deciding to "wait" on buying a Crokinole board is the spouse factor. We know, you just can't justify spending $100+ on a game or your spouse will kill you! Besides that, where do you store a 20 pound beast of a game? Enter the Crokinole Clock Kit.


Thousands of Crokinole Boards get sold every year and the vast majority of them are just HUGE and end up in a box somewhere in storage most of the time. It is hard to pull it down from the attic, pull it out of the box, and set the pegs/game up again. It is even harder to get your spouse to buy in on such a large purchase when it sits in a box most of the time. Well it got us thinking, whether you paid $100 for a Crokinole board or $400+ for an heirloom quality board, you've bought a really nice round piece of wood that just looks great. So why not keep it out of its box, make it a conversation piece and display it proudly? With our new Crokinole Clock Kit now it's always "Crokinole Time!"


We have taken the standard pegs to the Tournament Sized boards and designed a very clever foam overlay that is lightweight and sturdy, yet thick enough to support a small time-piece in the middle. We have then added to that a classic looking time-piece and some extra large hands. The result? You can now transform your Crokinole board into a fine clock.


Now you can finally get that Crokinole board you've been waiting for! You aren't buying a Crokinole board, you're buying your significant other a great clock!


Now step back and appreciate it! What would your significant other pay for a nice clock for the living room or family room? Go check out Amazon and see, a 28"+ wall clock will set you back several hundred bucks! You have all the makings of a 32" clock already, you just need the clock face! The beauty of this is that the nicer your crokinole board, the nicer the clock! Don't put your $400 heirloom investment under your bed or on the top of your game shelf, let is shine!


The foam pad design means the clock will stay in place when you put it there and won't hurt your board at all, but when it is time to play the clock comes off quickly and easily, and you're ready for play. The foam design is made to attach to the small wooden pegs but even thicker rubber/screw sets can easily be fitted into the clock piece, allowing for universal compatibility with virtually every crokinole board!


Do you already own a Crokinole board? Then you owe it to yourself to help us make the Crokinole Clock Kit a reality for just a few bucks! Remember, you are NOT buying a game, you are buying a well-priced wooden clock!



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