Custom Euro Token Wooden Box - Holds Up To 18 Unique Resources!
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We set out to build a high-grade wooden box to hold all of our resources for games like Agricola™! (This means we wanted to fit the following: all five colors of farmers, all three animal sets, and all ten types of resources!)

What we came up with defied even our own expectations!

This premium quality, 100% high-grade wooden box was specially crafted with the elite gamer in mind. We're proud to store all of our tokens in this classy 24x15cm wooden box, and we know you will be too!

This box is a stunning addition to any game collection!

Popular for use with:

  • Agricola™
  • Stone Age™
  • Kingsburg™
  • Settlers of Catan™
  • Le Havre™
  • Many more!

These boxes are manufactured in low quantity, high quality print runs.

What that means is that they sell out quickly, and restock slowly! If you're lucky enough to see this in stock, pull the trigger while you still can!

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