Garbage Day Standard Clamshell Edition + 7 Playmats +4 Expansions +Promo Cards X 14 each item (Full Case) **84% Off**
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$ 250.00 ( 84% OFF Normal Retail) $ 1,546.30

BONUS:  Each order with a Garbage Day Case will come with a special Garbage Day Table Banner, perfect for use while demoing the game!

Yes you are getting 14 units each of:

--  Standard Clamshell Can Version Of The Game ($20 Value X 14 Games = $280.00)
--  All 7 playmats (see photos). Yes, that is 98 playmats (7 X 14)  These are high quality neoprene playmats with full color printer designed to be used by each player and one large Kitchen Mat in the middle of the table for the game!  ($7.95-$10.95 each)
--  All four bonus expansions X 14 units each (Smelly, Office, Family, and Dorm Expansions valued at $7.95 Each)
--  Bonus cards  "Will You Marry Me Card" X 14 and special bonus card (surprise) X 14 each

    That is $20.00 + $47.70 + $10.95 + $31.80 = $110.45 per bundle

    $110.45 X 14 = $1,546.30.  Yes, 84% off MSRP!



     "Have played this a couple of times. It is a very fun and sometimes challenging game. Great mix of push your luck and take that mechanisms. Funny thing about the game is that you're getting a game from one of the best card sleeve makes that you probably don't want to sleeve the cards to play as they will make them have less friction to keep them in place. I am really looking forward to playing this again and adding it to my collection of must own Mayday Games." -Jeff Briggs -Farmington Utah HERE.

    "It is a nice game, easy to play and easy to carry!  The rules are very good, I like the rules.  Very simple, I like it!" Sam -Playtester, Beijing China at DiceCon HERE.

    "I played this game in beta, soooo much fun!" -Brian Kelley, played the beta version before graphics.

    "Our family had the opportunity to play the prototype. My kids are still asking when we can get our own copy. They loved it." -Dave "Blue Eyes" Adams, Farmington Utah.

    "This is one of the best games I have ever played!"  -Sam Curtis, Suzhou China.

    "Oh man! As one of Shane's playtesters I can't wait to have this in my hands. Garbage Day was hot competition with my old co-workers, and a fun game my wife and I both enjoyed. Thanks Seth for giving this one a shot!"  -Peter Comment #3 on the KS project HERE!

    "The game looks like a very light and fun game. I will be keeping my eyes out for this one!"  -Rick Monson, Chantilly, Virginia -On BoardGameGeek.



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    Yeah, it is that EASY and FUN!

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