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Meteor Cooperative Game


As mentioned in our Kickstarter, the designer of the game Mike Young, has introduced some advanced instructions as follows:


After playing the Advanced Game for a while, try some of these Scenarios.  See how many you can beat.

All Splitters (Difficulty *** )

Only use the basic meteors in this scenario.  When placing the swarm, use an equal number of grey (1-3) meteors and brown (3-6) meteors.  Place a grey meteor under each brown meteor.  A grey meteor cannot be destroyed until after the brown meteor on top of it has been destroyed.  Use this number of meteor cards:


Meteor Cards


3 grey/3 brown


4 grey/4 brown


Late Notification (Difficulty **** )

You may use any of the Meteors in this scenario.  Only use 4 sand timers, starting the game in Zone 4 instead of Zone 5.  Each player starts the game with an extra card.

One Meteor (Difficulty **)

Only use the basic Meteors in this scenario.  Instead of placing the Meteors as a swarm, have a player sort them by size into two sorted sets, grey and brown, with the largest on top.  Then put the brown Meteors on top of the grey Meteors.  Players must destroy the Meteors in the order in the stack.

Difficult Zones (Difficulty ****)

Keep a careful eye on the egg timers.  If they run out and you don’t notice, players don’t get to draw a card for changing zones.

Deadly Zones (Difficulty *****)

Keep a careful eye on the egg timers.  If they run out and you don’t notice, players immediately lose the game.

Meteor Storm (Difficulty: ***)       

This is the competitive version of Meteor, for 2-6 players.  Instead of placing the Meteors as a swarm, each player gets 3 individual Meteors, one brown, one grey, and one that is either color.  The players still have the 5 Zones and they lose if their Meteors are not destroyed at the end of the game.  The first player to destroy all his Meteors wins.

Each player gets his own build area.  No shared build areas are used.

Place the Comm Satellite in play at the start of the game.  It cannot be destroyed.  Players may talk to each other and negotiate during the game.  Players may also trade cards with each other as well as play in each others’ build zones.

When wiping a project or collection, the player may choose to only wipe some of it, discarding only the wiped cards.  Technologies still affect all players; however, only the player who builds a collection may draw cards.

Players must announce when they overkill a meteor.  All other players get to draw a card when this happens.  Overkill now has no effect on zones. 

Potshots (Difficulty: *)

Another competitive version of Meteor.  Place the normal number of Meteors on the table, but each player starts with 3 extra cards.  Each player has their own build zone; there are no shared build zones.  Players may not play cards in each others’ build zones.  When a player destroys a Meteor, they keep it as a prize, and draw a new Meteor from the deck to replace it in the sky.  A player draws cards equal to the size of the Meteor when that player destroys a Meteor. 

There is no such thing as Overkill.  Technologies only affect the player who played them.  Players may trade cards with each other.

The game ends immediately when time or the deck runs out.  Players add up the total sizes of all the Meteors they destroyed.  The player with the highest total wins.  Ties are won by the player who destroyed more meteors total.  If there is still a tie then the tied players rejoice in their shared victory.

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