MINI Meteor Cooperative Board Game
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$ 10.00 ( 60% OFF Normal Retail) $ 25.00


Introducing NEW Meteor! 

  • The box is half the size, and twice the fun. 
  • New and improved graphics inside and out.
  • Updated rulebook. Check the new Rulebook HERE.
  • There are no sand timers included 
  • 30 less cards in the game

All of this means a cheaper MSRP.  That's right these changes means the game will retail for $25 instead of $35!  Amazing!

There is a storm of meteors heading directly toward Earth! The time of impact is just five minutes. Destroy them all or the world will be blown to bits. Are you brave and resourceful enough to save our planet? If even one meteor gets through our defenses, life as we know it will be no more. Good luck citizens. It’s up to you.

Meteor is a real-time, cooperative, resource management card game that ACTUALLY plays in 5 minutes or less as a REAL-TIME card game!  Work together building and launching rockets as the time ticks down. Because time is so limited, the possibility of one player dominating the game is eliminated, there just isn't time! 

Each player has a hand of cards and a build area. A number of meteor cards are placed in the center of the table. Players must co-cooperatively build rockets to launch at the meteors before the time runs out.

  Rahdo's Gameplay Runthrough:

 As you can see the icons are similar but have much improved over the first edition of the game.  Yes there are 30 less cards here, but we have stretch goals to add some of those back in (see below).

 Look ma, no sand timers! We just had to offer Meteor at a price where everyone can put it on their game shelf. Basically, Smaller box, no sand timers and less cards = better price. The good news is that almost EVERYONE with a phone has a timer built in, everywhere you go.  It is SUPER EASY:

Iphone: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get to the quick menu, select the "clock" icon (between the flashlight and the calculator), then press the bottom right corner icon for "Timer", set it for 0 hours and 1 minute and hit START.  That is it!  Super, super easy and you never need another sand timer again for Meteor!

Android:Just access your clock and then select the timer icon.

There are TONS of secondary timer apps on the IOS and Android Markets, it is very easy to download and use them!  Why pay $10 more for the game just to have sand timers, chances are you have several timers from other games or just use your smart phone.

If you do want sand timers or the larger game, we have that option for you too.  Prior backers can also pledge for just the cards and rulebook to update their existing copy. We will be reprinting these along with the new version!

 "Very clever and especially fast cooperative game. Once you get the hang of it this game is easily under 5 minutes.  There is so much flexibility and so much variety.  There is a lot of neat stuff and a lot of exploration to be had, and a lot of flexibility.  This game is going to work better, the more players you have at the table, as you have more of an opportunity for panic to set in.  It is a HOOT!  It does exactly what it says, its a 5 minute game!" --Radho (Run Thru With Radho Final Thoughts) HERE.

"This is the BEST finished game I have played in 2015! This game is spectacular, this game is fun, this game will never, ever, ever leave my shelf.  This game is fun.  It is SO MUCH FUN packed into 5 minutes. This is definitely going to one of my favorite games of all time, I have a feeling.  Trust me, go out, get it NOW, it is a BLAST!" Bower's Game Corner, check the video HERE.

"I love the artwork, I love the theme. I think this is a very fun cooperative game. I really liked it, a lot.  It gave me that feeling, sort of like Hanabi where you can't say certain things, because you can't talk but you can gesture."The Game Boy Geek, see full video HERE.

"Mayday is really good at this style game.  They've got a number of games like Walk the Plank and Coconuts and they are just in this realm of fun, fast-paced party games.  And I can actually see some depth in this game."Board Game Closet, see full video below.

"If you are looking for that fast, short, cooperative game that has unique ideas, and a cool theme... Dice Tower Approved!"  -Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower Network, see the full video HERE.

"This fast paced game lasts quite literally, 5 minutes or less and is a ton of fun and a huge challenge to beat. Nice little theme and some cool game mechanics make this a fun way to pass some time w/o lots of set up time." Ethan Soanka , Arizona, USA.  WhiteTiger78 on BGGHERE.

"A fun cooperative game that has that "one more play" quality, especially as the game plays out in less than 10 minutes. We played 11 times in our first session!" -Devi "Day" Hughes, Irvine California (El-ahrairah) on BGG HERE.

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