Orange Robot, Cards and "Bruce Lee" sticker for Get Bit! Original Edition!
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$ 2.00 ( 60% OFF Normal Retail) $ 5.00
Do you already own a copy of Get Bit? Well as part of our Kickstarter pledge we are offering the ORANGE figure that is brand new at just $5. You will have to add $2 shipping for the first of any $5 expansion w/in the USA, but any others will have no shipping charged. Canadians pay $5 shipping and Worldwide is $7 shipping for the first $5 expansion and all others are free shipping after that.

The $5 shipping expansions are the Sharkspansion, the Pink Figure Expansion and the Orange Figure Expansion.

if you need to add some shippng then just add units of Get Bit SHIPPING here.

This will be Pantone 1505C in color, see image. You are getting the figure plus the cards needed to play as the orange figure in a game of Get Bit!

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