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Are you tired of slowing your game down by having to deal out cards and organize them in your hand? Do you realize that if you play on Xbox Live that it tells you how many of each resource are out there among all the players? It gives you much better information and allows the game to play quicker!

Have you ever stepped back and realized your game play is really in two very different worlds? One world with cute wooden houses and cities, great roads winding among resources, spreading out inexorably toward the ocean? And then there is the world of a card game! The cards sort of ruin the experience by many accounts. We are changing all that by allowing your resource world to come into harmony with your game world. Announcing the Yucatan Token Set!

Imagine for a moment rather than collecting cards on this beautiful miniature island that you were actually gathering the resources from the island? How does it work? Simple, you use the Yucatan Token Set! Included in this set are 25 of each of 5 custom designed tokens: Sheep, Grain, Brick, Wood and Stone (Ore).

You put a few of the tokens on each tile on the board! Put 5 brick on each brick tile, 5 stone on each stone tile, etc. Imagine an island resplendent with sheep-filled rolling hills, wheat-filled fields, dark wooden forests, brick-laden cliffs and ore-rich quarries! Pull the resources directly from the island and open up your playing world!

You just put these tokens on the board and have everyone get their own production, speeding up distribution and trading! Dump the cards and play like real island settlers!

Yes this is the 5-6 player version with as many tokens (25) as you have cards in the game with the 5/6 player expansion!


1) OK so this sounds cool but what about keeping your cards hidden?

No problem at all, you just keep one hand over your tokens, or put a small folded blind up if you prefer. Instead of having a hand full of cards you keep a handful of tokens. Just keep a hand over your pieces or any object in front of your tokens.

This is much much easier if you happen to be a brilliant 6 year old who is great at Catan and terrible at holding cards!

2) What about the robber, how do you have someone randomly select a resource for stealing when they can see what you have?

Dealing with the robber is simple! Just put your tokens in your two hands, shake them up like you would dice and open one hand slightly until one random token falls out. Very easy!

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